Types of Meat Grinders

Types of Meat Grinders

Types of Meat Grinders

Meat grinders exist in different types. However, all these meat grinders are built to serve the same purpose- grinding your meat into those fine pieces you want. All meat grinders come with similar basic parts that are critical to the functioning of the grinder. These parts include the hopper, the tray that you place your meat on just before feeding it into the grinder. A pusher, mostly a plastic plunger, helps push the meat down the grinder. A feed tube is the tube that feeds the pieces of meat into the blade. This movement of meat is assisted by use of a screw. At the blades section, the meat is ground into very fine pieces by the blades and forced out through the holes on the plate from where it is collected in a collecting bowl. This is how your best meat grinder operates.

There are different types of meat grinders. Their difference is mainly based on how the grinders operate. These different types include:

  • Manual meat grinders
  • Electric meat grinders
  • Stand-alone grinder attachments
  1. Manual Meat Grinders

Manual meat grinders are some of the simplest meat grinders. This is your best meat grinder if you are in areas with unreliable electrical power. This meat grinder does not require electrical power to operate. It uses human power, where you turn it round and round to grind meat.

Manual Meat Grinders

Manual meat grinder is the best meat grinder for people on a budget. It is cheap, actually goes for less than $30.00 for most models. They are ideal for people who grind small quantities of meat once in a while.

Manual meat grinders are sturdier as you clamp it on to a surface. This makes it less mobile, but sturdier.

  1. Electric Meat Grinders

Also referred to as stand mixers, this grinder is your best meat grinder if you grind large quantities of meat or grind eat regularly. It runs solely on electrical power. It is designed to handle large quantities of meat as it comes with a strong motor.

Electric Meat Grinders

Electric meat grinder is designed for those who are fond of grinding meat. Since it works by a click of a power button, you can grind meat every now and then.

Electrical meat grinders are fast as the powerful motor goes through the pieces of meat with ease. You can therefore grinds several hundreds of pounds of meat in just a few hours. These grinder are ideal for commercial purposes due to their speed and strength.

  1. Stand-alone Grinder Attachments

These are attachments that are attached onto the electric grinder to give you more grinding options. Most electric grinders come with a limited number of attachments. Therefore, if you want to grind sausage meat, you are required to get an attachment that will make this possible.

Stand-alone Grinder Attachments

Stand-alone attachments enable you grind more ingredients besides meat. You can add ingredients such as garlic and vegetables which lets you make your own recipes.

You now know the different types of meat grinder available in the market today. The type of meat grinder you buy depends on your intended use, therefore it’s your call to choose the best meat grinder that fits your purpose.